Structural Grid Study

The objective of this assignment is to investigate the combined role of structure, circulation and light. Establish a structural system using walls or columns on the site in a regular pattern. Propose paths (interior/exterior) across the site, street to street. Build the circulation paths, evaluate them, and revise them as needed. Consider how light can articulate movement through the site. Consider the ways that people move through light and/or shadow as they traverse the site. Design a circulation system that accommodates the need to move through the site and that offer appropriate, but different, experiences in light. Consider how the regular rhythm of a structural system can be made to help bring in light, support light gathering devices or spaces, used to reflect light into space, diffuse, direct sun, make shadows, establish a rhythm of episodes in light, and even support a roof. Be aware that the lighting need not be uniform (although it might be) over the site; that is, light qualities and levels can vary across the site. You need not worry about making building enclosure except as it influences the incoming daylight. (Assume that there is no rain or snow.) Be prepared to illustrate how your proposal works with the model and a desk lamp or flashlight.

Site Plan and Circulation


Digital Shaddow Studies

Physical Site Models

As a continuation of the structural grid study, students were encouraged to propose walls and/or means of enclosure that relate the proposed structural grid and circulation paths. This proposal provides flexibility through the variety of gathering spaces. These spaces vary in size and are available around the exterior as well as in the interior of the structure.

Site Plan_Building Plan


Physical Site Model

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