Non-Denominational Chapel

The semester project of the ADS 1 Daylighting Studio is dedicated to the design of a non-denominational chapel. This chapel is intended to open itself to the understanding of many creeds, spiritual beliefs, ritual practices, and to a broader world of social, cultural, and political discourse. It is meant to be a setting for the discussion of ideas. For this reason it is to be void of specific religious or political symbols. On the other hand, the chapel should be designed with common references and clues to inhabitation. Such devices and strategies might include how spaces are proportioned for groups or small groups of people, gardens, water, and, of course, daylight and darkness. In fact, as a school project, it should be stipulated from the beginning that the program may not be entirely realistic, but should be seen primarily as the instigator of your serious investigation into light and space, and open to the architectural interpretation of the individual architect. With this in mind, you may consider the meeting hall to be the space that deserves your special attention, but the smaller programmed spaces are also important. All inhabitable rooms are deserving of good daylight and your insight into how this might be accomplished.

The chapel is to be designed to be sustainable in terms of its use of energy and materials, accessible (barrier free) to all and particularly to those who have difficulty walking. The design is to be flexible; rooms may be designed to be used by multiple uses at different times and for different purposes; flexibility supports sustainability.

Existing Site and Topo
Concept Sketches
Site Plan
Floor Plans
Axonometric Views
Section study
Meeting Hall Study
Meeting Hall South Study
Courtyard Studies
Corridor Studies

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