Skylight vs. Sunlight Study

Students are to consider how the surfaces of a building and their characteristics translate daylight into interior space. This assignment aims to establish connections between objective daylight conditions, data, architectural space and architectural form.

Take a proposed architectural volume and investigate the possibilities for daylight illumination (including shading and shadows) of the interior. Examine and present two conditions: illumination by direct sunlight, and illumination by skylight only. Design and develop the given volume to produce an illuminated interior space. Investigate the given volume to propose the size, number, and location of openings, the appropriate shading or filtering devices for the openings, the orientation of openings, the thickness of walls and ceiling / roof assemblies, materials and the reflectivity of surfaces as well as reflecting and diffusing devices themselves. Assume a flat site, unimpeded by obstructions (adjacent buildings and trees) and use the latitude and longitude of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Skylight Study

Sunlight Study

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