Gathering Platform

The goal of this assignment is to explore the relationship of daylight to gatherings of people in a public setting similar to our proposed semester project, a non-denominational chapel. Working from the previous assignment, you are asked to locate a place for people to gather for various purposes and to develop a conceptual design for these activities.

Design a platform or floor or place where 50 people can sit and / or stand so that several kinds of activities may occur (probably at different times). Develop four specific arrangements for people, seating, and, where needed, a stage or area that all can face toward. Consider the comfort and pleasure of the situation and provide, by design, light that enhances and articulates each type of gathering. Experiment with direct sun, skylight, shade, shadow, filtered light, and other daylight conditions as appropriate to your vision of the gatherings.

Site Plan

A circular setting in which people are to be seated
A setting where one half of the people face the other half
A setting where the gathered people are seated and all face toward a speaker, low stage, or altar
A setting where people can mingle, standing, in small groups or as individuals

Seated in Circle Plans
Seated in Circle Renderings
Half Facing Half Plans
Half facing half renderings
Seated Facing Speaker Plans
Seated Facing Speaker Renderings
Standing Mingling Plans
Standing Mingling Renderings

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